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Team Canada M.A.S.H., by request! Make sure to tag your results :)!

Would you guys be interested in M.A.S.H. games for other Olympic teams? Drop me a line and let me know!

The off-whitish (light pink?) one with the ball gown/colorful bouquet
I’m an artist
The Tiffany & Co. Diamond ring
3 kids
Dodge Challenger

…I can’t complain about this, honestly! 

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Angry Crosby.


Angry Crosby.

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actual fangirl gally

bad grammar gally

Reblog this if you actually want your followers to talk to you, and that you don’t think them to be annoying. Let them know they have nothing to be nervous about.

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this never gets old.

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  • white people: this is SO spicy
  • me: it's water
Such Great Heights lennonyoungMarie. 23. NY.

Lover of books, quirky films, indie/alternative/classic music, humor, and hockey.

The Rangers are my boys; Carl Hagelin has my heart, but he needs to share it most days with Mats Zuccarello and Chris Kreider.

I also like the Bruins, Blackhawks, and Stars - if I could marry Jamie Benn in a heartbeat, I would.

Tyler Seguin is an idiot.

Proud alumna of the University of Scranton.

I want to live in a Wes Anderson movie. Or just somewhere that looks like one.

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