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These guys did hugely admirable jobs, regardless of how you feel about the Ducks and especially the Habs

These guys did hugely admirable jobs, regardless of how you feel about the Ducks and especially the Habs

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in the NHL we don’t say “i love you”. instead we say “ovechkin crosby five canadian teams Chelsea Dagger upper body injury” which roughly translates into “i have no real teeth” which i think is beautiful.

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From the Geniuses Behind BHTV: Outtakes
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 Amy Holt

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fun scavenger hunt (find the following missing items):

  • tyler seguin’s butt
  • tyler seguin’s upper lip

fun new addition:

  • patrick kane’s hair
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Patrick Kane #88 on the Chicago blackhawks 2010, 2013 Stanley cup winner. USA hockey


J. Toews is doing nothing but saying, “Pardon?” here in French.
Why am I so enamored with it?


J. Toews is doing nothing but saying, “Pardon?” here in French.

Why am I so enamored with it?

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Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups

One day, he’s going to know. He’ll know your birthday, your middle name, where you were born, your star sign, and your parents names. He’ll know how old you were when you learnt to ride a bike, how your grandparents passed away, how many pets you had, and how much you hated going to school. He’ll know your eye colour, your scars, your freckles, your laugh lines and your birth marks. He’ll know your favourite book, movie, candy, food, pair of shoes, colour, and song. He’s going to know why you’re awake at 5am most nights, where you were when you realised you’d lost a good friend, why you picked up the razor and how you managed to put it down before things went too far. He’s going to know your phobias, your dreams, your fears, your wishes, and your worries. He’s going to know about your first heartbreak, your dream wedding, and your problems with your parents. He’ll know your strengths, weaknesses, laziness, energy, and your mixed emotions. He’s going to know about your love for mayonnaise, your dream of being famous when you were five, your need to quote any film you know all the way through, and your fear of growing older. He’ll know your bad habits, your mannerisms, your stroppy pout, your facial expressions, and your laugh like it’s his favourite song. The way you chew, drink, walk, sleep, fidget and kiss. He’s going to know that you’ve already picked out wedding flowers, baby names, tiles for the bathroom, bridesmaid dresses, and the colour of your bedroom walls. He’s going to know, get annoyed at and then accept that you leave clothes everywhere, take twenty minutes to order a Starbucks, have to organise your DVD’s alphabetically, and check your horoscope… just incase. He’ll know your McDonald’s order, how many sugars to put in your tea, how many scoops of ice cream you want, and that you need your sandwiches cut into triangles. He’s going to know how you feel without you telling him, that you need a wee from a look on your face, and that you’re crying without shedding tears. He’s going to know all of it. Everything. You, from top to bottom and inside out. From learning, from sharing, from listening, from watching. He’s going to know every single thing there is to know, and you know what else? He is still going to love you.
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Such Great Heights lennonyoungMarie. 23. NY.

Lover of books, quirky films, indie/alternative/classic music, humor, and hockey.

The Rangers are my boys; Carl Hagelin has my heart, but he needs to share it most days with Mats Zuccarello and Chris Kreider.

I also like the Bruins, Blackhawks, and Stars - if I could marry Jamie Benn in a heartbeat, I would.

Tyler Seguin is an idiot.

Proud alumna of the University of Scranton.

I want to live in a Wes Anderson movie. Or just somewhere that looks like one.

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